Career At Simmer

Account Managers

Now Hiring for Q1 2017

What We're Looking For

2-4 years experience in marketing strategy, account planning or brand planning.
Focus on digital or social campaigns for other brands and businesses
Has the ability to empathize with different consumer types, see the world through their eyes and connect those dots to the brand.
Ability to come up with BIG ideas that move the creative forward.
Experience writing great creative, ideation briefs for clients.  
Does not get frazzled multi-tasking and wearing many hats for clients.
Not afraid of the whiteboard. Experience leading brainstorms and ideation sessions.
Comfortable conducting primary research or synthesizing third party research to support strategies.
Utmost confidence in their peer-to-peer and client-focused presentation skills.
Ability to inspire and motivate creative teams to produce better work. More importantly, you need to be a person that people want to work with.
Eternal Optimist - We need a positive thinker whose optimism is contagious to those around them.

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Ryan Cuvelier