We started working with Dos Toros in March of 2014 and they have become a full-service marketing and design partner of ours. While our partnership began after their branding and identity had been solidified in the traditional sense, the co-founders themselves will tell you that we played a significant role in shaping how they were perceived by the public.

We used our Discovery phase to acclimate to the brand and really carve out the ways in which we would differentiate them from not only conceptual competitors, but other fast casual brands and restaurants. We sought to create a voice and design language that would be instantly identifiable by loyal consumers, characterized by both humor and pop culture, unafraid to comment on things that other brands tried to avoid.

“Pinto the Burrito” was a calculated progression of this strategy. When we started working with Dos Toros we noticed that an employee had drawn a smiley face on a burrito and ‘named’ it Pinto, and we decided to run with this. We took this concept and created an entire mascot and persona that would embody the Dos Toros spirit: authentic, witty, and amicable.


To create a baseline of content we started sharing photos of Pinto in and around New York City. At first, people thought Pinto was cute, but we were only scratching the surface of this campaign both design, strategy, and copy wise.

"PINTO ON THE PROWL" - visuals weak here

Our next campaign centered on getting Pinto on Tinder so he could engage with local New Yorkers. Is there a better way to personify a mascot than online speed dating? We knew that Tinder would quickly recognize Pinto was not an actual user, so time was of the essence. We dedicated an Account Manager / Copywriter to monitoring interactions on the app and used our team to quickly concept responses to messages; hilarity ensued.


We wanted to create three individual teaser assets leading up to the opening announcement, designed to parallel the new Pizza Studio branding and design elements which would set it apart from the standard social posts that feature more red and brown colors that characterize their ‘old’ brand. Each asset will offer a slight hint as to the location, with the third announcing the specifics and promoting the $3 Opening Day Pizza Party.


Using the elements we designed for the window clings we brought the campaign to email and Pizza Studio’s massive database. It’s a general rule of ours to never announce an opening date before it is completely confirmed, so our first launch was intentionally vague, intended to build excitement without committing to a date that could get pushed back. Our next email of course, included all of the details of the Pizza Party.

Snapchat geofilters

In coordination with our campaign we designed and placed custom geofilters that ran the day of the event in and around this particular Pizza Studio location, allowing guests to brand their user generated content as they shared photographs with their network.


Our work helped to make the Mountain View Pizza Party one of Pizza Studio’s most successful openings ever as they served close to 700 guests.