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New Restaurant Strategies

If you're looking for strategies for creating a restaurant, Simmer Group can help. Simmer offers everything from restaurant business and financial planning, to ideation, naming and building a restaurant brand from the ground up.


Opening a new restaurant

From restaurant business and financial plans to conception, naming and branding, Simmer does it all.  We have opened countless successful restaurant concepts. Below is a little information on how we do it... Can't give away all our secrets online, reach out to talk to someone now!

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Floor-plans and store layout

In order to build the perfect restaurant floor plan layout, Simmer gets to know your restaurant and does a full on-site analysis. When analyzing a new potential site, Simmer takes into account many factors including nearby landmarks, competition, non-competing surrounds, foot traffic estimates and neighborhood demographics.

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Menu board design

Menu design and menu board design are two key elements when setting up your successful restaurant or QSR. Consumers today have shorter attention spans than ever, and through years of experience across many clients, Simmer knows how to use this to your advantage.

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identity & branding

Is your brand Insta-ready? Restaurant packaging is more important now than ever. Simmer will make sure your customers are proud walking out the door your brand in-tow.  From naming and corporate identity and more, Simmer has the experience needed to set you up for a successful restaurant launch.