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Media and Design as a Form of Branding

Some people think that branding essentially concludes once a name, logo, font, and color palate are finalized, but that isn’t the case. Instead, branding is an evolving marathon and it’s important that companies place a strong emphasis on continuously expounding their brand to consumers.

The best way to accomplish this is by regular and sound communication, something that social media affords brands better than any other medium. Social networks obviously give brands access to their consumers through text,  photography, videography, and more, thus allowing for a unique opportunity to conduct continued explorations and conversations of who and what the brands are. Properly doing so involves identifying and highlighting differentiators within a competitive landscape and having an accurate pulse on what your consumers are doing, thinking, seeing, and hearing.

It’s important that brands seize this opportunity and recognize it as a chance to speak for themselves rather than have their consumers define who they are. Depending on the network, social media allows you to speak directly to those who have already engaged with your brand to some extent while also filtering potential new customers based on real and volunteered qualitative data. Brands can then tailor their messaging based on these considerations and allow their story to shape-shift depending on what they are trying to accomplish and who they are speaking to.

No matter how good your messaging is, your brand won’t be the only one competing for engagement and recognition. As consumers’ attention spans continue to shrink, it is absolutely imperative that brands make the very most out of the limited opportunity they have to present. Sharp design, engaging copy, and coherent, sequential strategy will allow your brand to continue to tell its story while elevating its content over the competition.

While it can be difficult to attribute revenue to this kind of marketing, it functions on attraction and continuous communication, the latter being something that is fairly new to the world. By getting in front of the eyes of consumers on a regular basis and ensuring that this opportunity is seized via quality execution, you are further helping your brand be the one that comes to mind when a potential patron chooses where to attend a happy hour, celebrate a birthday, or get their new diet off the ground.  

Ryan Cuvelier