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5 Must Do Food Photography Tips

When it comes to branding, a coherent design and visual language speaks volumes. It does a lot more than just communicate your brand’s image, it becomes synonymous with it. Great photography has the potential to elevate brands and grow your following. Why put your brand on the line with sub-par styling and amateur photography skills? Follow these photography tips, we’re sure, whatever you’re selling, they’ll definitely be buying.

  1. Make Sure You have a Professional: While our generation considers themselves fluent in Social Media, having an Instagram profile doesn’t always mean that you’ve got the chops to go with it. Professionals are industry-standard these days, especially when you’re competing with Instagram celebrity big guns. (Who, mind you, are well-versed in the professional medium). Having an amateur direct your shoot may actually do more harm than good.

  2. Lifestyle Shots Sell: Ever wonder why Instagram accounts like @BonAppetit and @FoodandWine do so well? Just check out their content. It’s not only high-quality editorial shots - they also incorporate images of their staff and well-composed in-situ shots. We don’t just follow brands, we follow the personality and the promoted lifestyle behind them.

  3. Undress Your Menu Items: There’s a reason why the #PSL makes a comeback every season. People are passionate about flavor. They’re also passionate about ingredients. The rise of organic produce and labels only prove it. Ingredients are not only visually appealing, but they can be manipulated and composed in more ways than a totally composed dish. Hence, more bang for your buck, without having to exhaust your line cooks.

  4. Lighting is Everything: Remember Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving photo fiasco? (If you don’t, let this jog your memory). Lighting has the potential to make or break your content. Check out your favorite blogs and restaurants feeds’ to see what we mean. Great photos are 20% plating and presentation but 80% great lighting.

  5. Serial Shooting is Your Friend: It pays to think ahead. If you know you have seasonal menu changes, incorporate these items into your shoot now. Do this to keep a pulse on quality control and maintain a coherent visual language on your feed. Not to mention, it might save you time and money in the long-run.

We aren’t saying that strategy and promotional prowess (that’s where we come in!) don’t count in growing a brand (they do a whole lot), but great photography definitely provides a baseline for others to interact and vouch for your brand. Great photography fuels the fire, but a great agency definitely fans the flames.

Ryan Cuvelier